shrewsbury engagement photo shoot photography

An Experience

My Engagements shoots are fun and are aimed at capturing the real you, in the best locations Shropshire offers! I believe in challenging both of us in our engagement shoots to get the most glamarous and engaging images possible.

Let's get creative

I love to fnd a space that on the surface looks ordinary, and creating something unique for you. 

From cafe to Park

Every location has it calling to me when doing engagement shoots. from walks in Quarry Park to the numerous cafes around town, from boating on the River Severn to tudor house backgrounds, Shrewsbury has it all.

your style of shoot

We listen to you, we love uber cool styling but simple romantic style iamgery floats our boat too. From one hours engangement shoots to full day multilocation shoots, we want to cover them all!

A simple pricing plan
book yours now
Weekdays only - Plus £50 an hour after the first hour.
Weekend shoots start at £350
Unlimited photos
You choose the shoot length
Engagement albums available
Images on a personlised USB stick
Optional extras including a signing book for guests at your wedding with your engagemnt images in it.

Engagement photo shoots in Shrewsbury offer couples a picturesque backdrop to capture the magic and anticipation of their impending nuptials. Nestled amidst the charming countryside of Shropshire, Shrewsbury boasts a wealth of stunning locations that provide the perfect setting for romantic and memorable engagement photos. From the historic streets lined with Tudor buildings to the tranquil riverside walks along the River Severn, couples are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the ideal backdrop for their photoshoot.


One of the most popular spots for engagement photo shoots in Shrewsbury is the iconic Quarry Park, with its lush greenery, colourful flowerbeds, and scenic views of the River Severn. The park’s serene atmosphere and diverse landscapes make it an ideal setting for capturing intimate moments between couples. Additionally, the picturesque streets of Shrewsbury’s town centre offer a charming backdrop for engagement photos, with their cobbled lanes, timber-framed buildings, and quaint cafes creating a romantic ambiance that is hard to resist.


For couples seeking a more rural setting, the Shropshire countryside surrounding Shrewsbury provides endless opportunities for breathtaking engagement photos. From rolling hills and meandering country lanes to ancient woodlands and picturesque villages, the Shrewsbury area is brimming with natural beauty that serves as a stunning backdrop for capturing the love and connection between couples. Whether posing amidst fields of wildflowers or strolling hand in hand along a country lane, engagement photo shoots in the Shrewsbury countryside exude romance and authenticity.


In addition to its natural beauty, Shrewsbury also offers a rich history and architectural heritage that adds depth and character to engagement photos. The town’s historic landmarks, such as Shrewsbury Castle and St. Mary’s Church, provide striking backdrops that lend a sense of timeless elegance to engagement photos. Whether framed against the backdrop of a centuries-old castle or standing beneath the arches of a medieval bridge, couples can create truly memorable and romantic images that capture the essence of their love story in Shrewsbury.


Overall, engagement photo shoots in Shrewsbury offer couples the opportunity to create timeless memories against a backdrop of natural beauty, historic charm, and romantic ambiance. Whether exploring the town’s quaint streets, wandering through its picturesque parks, or venturing into the surrounding countryside, couples are sure to find the perfect setting to capture the joy and excitement of their engagement in Shrewsbury’s enchanting surroundings.