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Using Greenscreen for Prom Photography

Your Prom Experience with Dynamic Greenscreen Services from Lifetime Event Photography

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Make your prom event unforgettable with Lifetime Event Photography’s dynamic Greenscreen Services. From formal portraits to fun shots, our mini studios and photobooths offer customisable backgrounds to match any theme. Enjoy instant printing, online galleries, and affordable packages tailored to your needs.




At Lifetime Event Photography, we believe that every prom night should be filled with magic, laughter, and unforgettable memories. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our dynamic Greenscreen Services, designed to take your prom experience to the next level. In this guide, we’ll explore how our innovative greenscreen technology can transform your prom event into a night of endless possibilities.




Unlocking the Potential: Dynamic Greenscreen Services


Greenscreen at your prom offers many varied options of backgrounds

Mini Studios: Formal Portraits and Fun Shots

Our mini studios offer the perfect blend of elegance and entertainment, allowing guests to enjoy both formal portraits and fun shots throughout the evening. With our dynamic greenscreen technology, we can seamlessly transition between different backgrounds to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Whether you’re looking for a classic red carpet backdrop or a whimsical safari theme, we’ll work with you to choose backgrounds that reflect the theme of your event and capture the essence of prom night.

Photobooth Experiences: Customisable Backgrounds

Our photobooths provide a fun and interactive way for prom-goers to capture memories with friends. With our customisable greenscreen backgrounds, guests can choose from a wide range of themes to match the mood of the evening. From underwater adventures to Hollywood glamour, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with instant printing and digital copies available, guests can take home their favourite photos as souvenirs of the night.

Affordable Packages and Online Galleries

At Lifetime Event Photography, we understand the importance of affordability and convenience. That’s why we offer flexible packages for our Greenscreen Services, with pricing based on the number of attendees. Our prepaid system ensures that guests can enjoy the benefits of our services without any hassle or inconvenience on the night of the event. And with our online galleries, guests can view and download their photos at their leisure, ensuring that the memories of prom night last a lifetime.


Using Greenscreen for Prom Photography: FAQs

– How does Lifetime Event Photography’s Greenscreen Services work?

Our Greenscreen Services at Lifetime Event Photography utilise state-of-the-art greenscreen technology to create stunning backgrounds for prom photography. With our mini studios and photobooths, guests can pose against a greenscreen backdrop, and our software replaces the greenscreen with customisable backgrounds of their choice. This allows for endless creativity and ensures that every photo captures the essence of prom night.

– Can guests choose their own backgrounds for the mini studio portraits and photobooth images?

Yes, guests have the freedom to choose their own backgrounds for both mini studio portraits and photobooth images. We offer a wide range of themes, including safari, underwater, red carpet, and more. Guests can select their preferred background at the time of their photoshoot, allowing them to personalise their prom photos to match the theme of the event.

– What types of themes are available for customising greenscreen backgrounds?

We offer a diverse selection of themes for customising greenscreen backgrounds, ensuring that there’s something to suit every prom event. Some popular themes include tropical beaches, city skylines, fantasy landscapes, and historical landmarks. Additionally, if the event has a specific theme or motif, we can tailor the backgrounds to match, adding an extra touch of personalisation to the photos.

– How often can the backgrounds be changed throughout the night?

At Lifetime Event Photography, we understand the importance of keeping the experience fresh and exciting throughout the night. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to change backgrounds as often as desired. Whether you’re switching from formal portraits to fun shots or exploring different themes throughout the evening, our team will ensure a seamless transition between backgrounds to keep the excitement alive.

– What is included in the affordable packages offered by Lifetime Event Photography?

Our affordable packages for Greenscreen Services are designed to provide exceptional value for prom organisers and attendees alike. Depending on the package selected, offerings may include access to mini studios or photobooths, instant printing of photos, digital copies for online sharing, personalised greenscreen backgrounds, and an online gallery for viewing and downloading photos after the event. Pricing is based on the number of attendees, making it economical for events of all sizes.

– Can guests view and download their photos from the online galleries after the event?

Yes, guests can view and download their photos from our online galleries after the event. We provide access to a password-protected gallery where guests can browse through their prom photos and select their favourites for download. This convenient feature allows guests to relive the memories of prom night and share their photos with friends and family online.


In conclusion, Lifetime Event Photography’s dynamic Greenscreen Services offer a unique and exciting way to capture the magic of prom night. Whether you choose our mini studio for formal portraits and fun shots or opt for a photobooth experience with customisable backgrounds, we’re dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your prom event with our Greenscreen Services.

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